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Located in Wilder, Kentucky, Selby Law vigorously defends clients against all state and federal drug charges in Northern Kentucky and Southwestern Ohio. Regardless of what charge you face, you can count on attorney Elizabeth Selby to protect your rights aggressively, represent you forcefully, and fight for you at every stage of the process.

Through her work as a local criminal defense attorney for over 15 years, Attorney Selby is known by her clients and in the legal community as a zealous and compassionate defender whose trial skills, investigative abilities, and plea negotiation savvy ensure exceptional quality representation for her clients. You can talk with Attorney Selby about your case in a free initial consultation.

Defending Against Drug Charges Requires Experienced Legal Counsel

Federal and state drug laws are extremely complex. State laws in particular can — and do — change frequently.

Many drug offenses carry severe penalties, including fines, imprisonment, and other consequences. Multiple successive charges increase the harshness of the penalties.

A drug conviction also can have long-term adverse effects on important aspects of your life, including employment. Representation by a lawyer with experience handling drug cases is absolutely essential if you are charged with any drug offense.

Defending against any drug charge is a complex task. Precise knowledge of the laws is necessary. The ability to investigate and analyze the details surrounding the arrest also is extremely important. In addition, developing a defense strategy requires familiarity with local court and prosecutorial policies regarding drug offenses.

As a public defender (public advocate) for more than a decade, attorney Elizabeth Selby has extensive experience representing clients in drug cases in both juvenile and adult court. She has negotiated numerous favorable plea agreements for clients. She has taken drug cases to trial and won. Elizabeth Selby’s trial experience in drug cases is a great advantage to clients who face any type of drug charge.

Through her experience, Elizabeth has developed detailed familiarity with drug laws and defenses, law enforcement tactics, and prosecutorial and court policies. Her investigative and analytical skills in a drug case are second to none. She is a fierce adversary for any prosecutor.

Drug Offenses in Kentucky

The Commonwealth of Kentucky has extensive statutes governing controlled substances, including prescription drugs. Recreational marijuana is still illegal in the state — although that may change in the near future. Kentucky has a medical marijuana law, but it is very limited. Policies on marijuana prosecution differ among localities.

The severity of penalties for a Kentucky drug offense varies based on a range of factors, including the type of drug, prior offenses, quantity of the drug, and whether a minor is involved (child endangerment). Potential charges include:

  • Possession
  • Trafficking
  • Distribution
  • Prescription offenses
  • Criminal conspiracy to commit a drug offense

In some possession cases, including first-time marijuana offenses, a defendant may be eligible for a drug diversion program or deferred prosecution as alternatives to the statutory penalties. In other cases, penalties and consequences can be severe, especially if the charge involves large amounts or more serious drugs. A conviction can result in jail time, significant fines, probation, community service, and other consequences.

Regardless of what type of drug charge you face, representation by a skillful attorney with experience in drug cases is crucial. Your lawyer’s experience can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.

Drug Offenses in Ohio

Ohio’s drug laws are just as complex as Kentucky’s, although they are very different in detail. The laws include severe penalties for offenses that are similar to those in Kentucky, although Ohio uses a bulk amounts formula for controlled substances, rather than basing charges on the substance or amount of controlled substance. In addition, state statutes in Ohio provide for specific offenses involving manufacture and cultivation, possession of chemicals, and possession and sale of drug paraphernalia. Under Ohio law, a drug conviction may result in loss of driving privileges for a period of six months to five years.

Recreational use of marijuana is still illegal in Ohio. The state does have a medical marijuana law. Possession of small amounts of marijuana has been decriminalized under state law. In addition, some localities have enacted local ordinances further decriminalizing marijuana possession.

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