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Criminal Defense Attorney for Northern Kentucky & Southwestern Ohio

Elizabeth Selby, the founder of Selby Law, has over 15 years of local criminal defense experience, including numerous successful trials. She is a zealous and compassionate defender whose investigative and trial skills and plea negotiation savvy ensure exceptional quality representation.

Criminal charges involving drunk driving and drugged driving are always extremely serious and should never be taken lightly. An aggressive defense is essential.
Defending against any drug charge requires precise knowledge of the laws, investigative and analytical skills, and awareness of all potential defenses in a drug case.
To defend effectively against a juvenile charge, experience in juvenile law and procedures and in non-juvenile criminal defense is absolutely necessary.
Appeals, post-conviction proceedings, and expungements require a different set of skills from than those involved in asserting a criminal defense at pre-trial and trial levels.

Trial Experience & Proven Skills Make All the Difference

Located in Wilder, Kentucky, Selby Law aggressively defends clients in Northern Kentucky and Southwestern Ohio against misdemeanor and felony charges in state and federal courts. With her substantial experience exclusively in criminal defense, attorney Elizabeth Selby possesses the essential broad-based skills, knowledge, and experience to represent clients in any type of criminal matter in the investigation stages or after charges are filed.

Her background includes extensive criminal trial experience. Even if a case does not go to trial, her litigation background is a significant advantage in defending against criminal charges. Prosecutors know that she can — and will — litigate a case if a trial is necessary to secure justice for her client, which gives her strong leverage in discussing and negotiating a case.

The best defense strategy for a criminal case depends significantly on the facts of the case and the specific laws that apply. Elizabeth Selby excels at investigating the facts and

gathering evidence to build a strong defense. She also has substantial experience arguing the facts and evidence, as well as the law, to a judge or jury and when negotiating with prosecutors for dismissal or a plea agreement favorable to her client.

One of her great strengths is the ability to assess a situation and determine whether being aggressive at every stage is the best approach or whether persuasion is better achieved through civility and quiet strength. Regardless of the circumstances, she fights vigorously for justice in every case throughout the entire process.

From the very beginning of representation, Elizabeth Selby takes all necessary steps to safeguard your rights. Then she carefully develops and relentlessly pursues a strong defense strategy based on the facts of the case and the laws that apply. For any type of criminal charge, she represents you forcefully and fights for you at every stage of the process.