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Located in Wilder, Kentucky, Selby Law assists clients in Northern Kentucky and Southwestern Ohio with all aspects of criminal appeals, post-conviction relief, and expungements. Attorney Elizabeth Selby has the experience and knowledge to provide you with assistance concerning any proceeding after a criminal conviction. She also assists with record expungement following a dismissal or acquittal.

Through her work as a local criminal defense attorney for over 15 years, Attorney Selby is known by her clients and in the legal community as a zealous and compassionate defender whose trial skills ensure exceptional quality representation for her clients at all stages of a criminal matter. You can talk with Attorney Selby about your case in a free initial consultation.

Experience Matters in Criminal Appeals, Post-Conviction Matters & Expungement Proceedings

Pursuing your rights after a criminal conviction, dismissal, or acquittal requires a lawyer with detailed knowledge of the applicable state laws and Rules of Criminal Procedure. The statutes and rules contain complex requirements, including filing deadlines, court jurisdiction, and the content of documents filed with the court. Even a small mistake or misstep in an appeal, post-conviction proceeding, or expungement request may result in loss of your rights for court review or relief.

Appeals, post-conviction proceedings, and expungement requests require a different set of skills from those that apply to asserting a criminal defense at the pre-trial and trial levels. For post-conviction representation or expungement requests following dismissal or acquittal, you need a lawyer with actual experience in the type of proceeding you want to pursue.

Attorney Elizabeth Selby has successfully handled all types of appeals, post-conviction matters, and expungement proceedings throughout her extensive career in criminal law. She has the right kind of experience and will vigorously pursue all your rights following a conviction. She also assists with record expungement following dismissal or acquittal.

Criminal Appeals in Kentucky

A Notice of Appeal in a criminal case must be filed within 30 days of sentencing. It is essential to act quickly in pursuing your right to appeal following conviction and sentencing.

Two different Kentucky appellate courts have jurisdiction over criminal appeals. The Supreme Court of Kentucky handles direct criminal appeals only in cases involving a sentence of death, life in prison, or 20 years or more in prison. The Kentucky Court of Appeals, the state’s intermediate appellate court, has jurisdiction over all other criminal appeals. The Supreme Court also may hear criminal appeals from the Court of Appeals on a discretionary basis for cases other than those listed.

Appellate courts do not retry a case or receive new evidence or testimony in a criminal appeal. The court reviews the record created during the trial to determine whether the proceedings complied with the legal requirements relating to evidence and procedure.

On appeal, the Office of Criminal Appeals in the Kentucky Office of the Attorney General represents the Commonwealth. The state’s attorney and your attorney file written arguments in legal briefs with the appellate court. The court may schedule oral arguments before the court, but the appellate courts do not hold oral arguments in every case.

Appellate courts typically issue opinions several months (or more) after filings are complete and oral argument, if any. Depending on the appellate court’s decision, additional proceedings in the case may occur.

On account of the nature of appellate court proceedings, your lawyer’s analytical and writing skills factor significantly into determining the outcome of your appeal. Attorney Elizabeth Selby excels in all the skills that are essential in an appellate case. She has successfully represented clients in Kentucky criminal appeals for many types of offenses.

Post-Conviction Relief in Kentucky

A person who is in custody or on probation, parole, or conditional discharge has specific post-conviction rights under the Kentucky Rules of Criminal Procedure. Pursuing any of these rights requires meticulous adherence to the detailed requirements of the rules. For that reason, representation by a lawyer experienced in post-conviction matters provides a significant advantage in any request for relief filed under the rules.

The rules contain details regarding the types of post-conviction relief available. Generally, relief requests fall into one of the following categories:

  • Ineffective assistance of counsel
  • Newly discovered evidence
  • Mistake in the case, including after conviction
  • Falsified evidence, perjury, or fraud

The rules also permit a court to grant relief for “any other extraordinary reason.” If relief under the rules is inadequate to address a specific situation, a State Writ of Habeas Corpus may be appropriate in limited circumstances.

In any case involving a claim for post-conviction relief under the Kentucky Rules of Criminal Procedure, analysis of the case and representation by a lawyer experienced in these special types of proceedings is advantageous. Attorney Elizabeth Selby has extensive experience in all types of post-conviction proceedings. You can count on her to pursue all the rights you have under the rules.

Criminal Record Expungements in Kentucky

Kentucky law permits requests for expungement of the public record of a criminal arrest, charge, or conviction only for some offenses. The process applies to records of dismissals and acquittals as well as convictions. It is available for both adult and juvenile records.

Specific time limits apply to expungement requests. If you wish to pursue an expungement in your case, talking with an attorney experienced in expungements is advisable. Attorney Elizabeth Selby has substantial experience assisting clients with expungement requests and securing expungement of the record for many different types of cases.

Criminal Appeals, Post-Conviction Relief & Expungement in Ohio

Like Kentucky, the State of Ohio has laws and rules that apply to criminal appeals, post-conviction relief, and expungement requests. The provisions of those statutes and court rules are substantially different in Ohio.

The Ohio District Courts of Appeals, which are the state’s intermediate appellate courts, have jurisdiction over most criminal appeals in the state. The Supreme Court of Ohio has original jurisdiction to hear some specific types of matters.

If you require assistance with a criminal appeal, post-conviction matter, or expungement in Southwestern Ohio, attorney Elizabeth Selby has the experience and knowledge to help you pursue your rights.

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