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Located in Wilder, Kentucky, Selby Law assists clients in Northern Kentucky and Southwestern Ohio with all types of juvenile charges, whether the minor is processed through the juvenile justice system or charged as an adult. Attorney Elizabeth Selby has the experience and knowledge to provide your child with aggressive legal representation throughout the entire process.

Through her work as a local criminal defense attorney for over 15 years, Attorney Selby is known by her clients and in the legal community as a zealous and compassionate defender whose trial skills ensure exceptional quality representation for her clients at all stages of a criminal matter. You can talk with Attorney Selby about your child’s case in a free initial consultation.

Importance of Legal Representation for Juveniles

A juvenile criminal charge is a very serious matter. The record can significantly impact a young person’s life long after the proceedings conclude and direct consequences end. A record can effect employment opportunities, college admissions, and enlisting in the military. If the juvenile is transferred to criminal court and tried as an adult, the long-term ramifications are even greater.

Complex state laws and procedures govern juvenile offenses. If your child is charged with a juvenile offense, it is essential to have legal counsel with experience in both juvenile law and criminal defense for non-juvenile matters.

As a former public defender in Northern Kentucky for more than a decade, attorney Elizabeth Selby has extensive experience representing youth charged with juvenile offenses and significant broad criminal defense experience. She knows the juvenile justice system and the applicable state laws and has all the necessary skills to navigate through the system with you and your child, providing exceptional legal counsel for your child every step of the way. Attorney Selby’s experience includes successfully fighting transfer of juvenile cases to criminal court.

Juvenile Charges in Kentucky

The Kentucky juvenile justice system is separate from the criminal justice system for adults. State statutes establish the jurisdiction of juvenile courts.

Juvenile Court Jurisdiction in Kentucky

Kentucky juvenile courts have jurisdiction over individuals under age 18. A juvenile court can retain jurisdiction until a youth becomes 19 years old in some specific circumstances, and until the age of 21 years in other specified circumstances.

A person who is age of 18 or older will be charged as an adult. There is no law in Kentucky that specifies the youngest age at which a youth may be charged as a juvenile.

Even though a youth is eligible to be tried in juvenile court, many offenses can be prosecuted in adult criminal court. State laws provide detailed criteria that apply to discretionary transfers by the court for juvenile offenders. For a juvenile over age 14, prosecution as an adult is mandatory for charges involving commission of a felony with a firearm.

In the case of discretionary transfers, representation by an experienced juvenile law attorney is absolutely essential. Keeping the case in juvenile court has distinct advantages.

Juvenile Crimes in Kentucky

In the Commonwealth of Kentucky, state law establishes two classifications of juvenile crimes: public offenses and status offenses.

Public offenses are charges that would be a crime if committed by an adult. Examples include:

  • Drug charges
  • Property crimes, including theft and shoplifting
  • Firearms offenses
  • Sex offenses, including sexual assault and rape
  • Assault
  • Traffic offenses
  • DUI

Status offenses are charges based on the age of the person that would not be a crime if committed by an adult. Examples include:

  • Underage tobacco and alcohol offenses
  • Habitual truancy
  • Beyond the control of school or parents
  • Habitual runaway
  • Curfew violations and other local ordinance violations

Juvenile Court Disposition Options

In a juvenile court case, the judge has broad authority in determining the disposition of a case. The range of available options includes:

  • Ordering restitution to an injured person
  • Placing the youth on supervised probation
  • Committing the youth to the custody of the Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Committing a youth to an approved secure facility, holding facility, or detention program
  • Any combination of the above

The alternative dispositions available to the juvenile court are considerable. The role of your child’s attorney includes fighting for your child to receive the fairest treatment possible. As an experienced juvenile law attorney, Elizabeth Selby understands the process and the judge’s options and aggressively represents her clients in juvenile court.

Juvenile Charges in Ohio

In Ohio, the juvenile justice system is separate from the criminal justice system, but state statutes governing juvenile offenses differ from those of Kentucky. Ohio has specific court rules governing juvenile cases, the Ohio Rules of Juvenile Procedure.

Juveniles charged with committing a crime that would be illegal if committed by an adult are delinquent juveniles under Ohio law. A youth charged with an age-based crime (similar to status offenses in Kentucky) is an unruly child under Ohio law.

The Ohio juvenile system, laws, and processes are detailed and complex. If your child is charged as a delinquent juvenile or unruly child, representation by an experienced juvenile law attorney is essential.

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