Why do I need a criminal lawyer with trial experience?

Most criminal cases do not ever go to trial. That’s a commonly known fact.

A criminal case is more likely to end with a negotiated plea agreement or dismissal than go to trial. Because of that, some criminal defense attorneys have little (or even no) trial experience. However, even if you expect your case to end with a plea agreement, having a lawyer with trial experience is a substantial advantage.

A lawyer like Elizabeth Selby who has extensive criminal trial experience knows what it takes to prove criminal charges beyond a reasonable doubt in a trial. It’s not a light burden of proof for the prosecutor. Because of that, a criminal defense attorney with trial experience and success often is more likely to be able to negotiate a dismissal or favorable plea by leveraging the threat of a trial during negotiations. When a prosecutor knows the attorney can (and will) take a case to trial if necessary (because she has successfully tried many criminal cases before), the prosecutor may be more flexible in plea negotiations.